We only use professional dedicated servers with managed H24 assistance, which can guarantee 99.99% uptime, with nVME storage, and we take care of double backup and DDOS protection, paying attention to regulations and adhering to the protection standards of data to be GDPR Ready.

All this, included in the proposed subscription plans, guaranteeing all our customers the best software configurations and the high performances that we guarantee to our own business.

We only sell server hosting managed by our team with adequate hardware and an optimal software configuration in order to get the most out of it.
All our services are oriented to the quality and satisfaction of the end user, therefore our Dedicated Servers they have the configurations and features that we would use for ourselves. We guarantee data protection from virus, spam and pishing attacks together with a Backup space to guarantee and safeguard the customer’s data.

Our service can be understood as “turnkey”, as it guarantees that all technical and security aspects are managed by us, leaving you the ease and time to focus on your business, having we ours.

We have specialized for over 10 years on server and application side optimization. Our knowledge is at 360 degrees on most of the CMS and on most of the PHP frameworks also used for the realization of custom projects, we are particularly experienced in optimizing WordPress and knowing that it can be the right choice for your need, we want to provide you with the best possible management of it…

State-of-the-art software stack.

Our software stack is state-of-the-art and can boast of being superior in technical and performance terms compared to all low cost hosting services.
It is based on the same software on which the biggest players of the web are based, such as google, amazon facebook etc. Our infrastructure is based on HAProxy, Varnish, Http / 2, Memcached, REDIS.IO, MySql Server, mod_pagespeed and other software and modules aimed at optimizing performance and security.
We are able to offer the best stack software to get the best performance at the best price on the market. Because what we offer is the infrastructure we have created for us!

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